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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  June 17, 2011 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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in disgrace, anthony weiner finally resigns from congress in the wake of his sexting scandal, so what's next for him, and his house seat? drawdown debate. military leaders want the president to rethink withdrawing u.s. troops from afghanistan. and afterhours, a pair of airport pranksters make a viral video that raises serious security questions. captioning funded by cbs good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us. i'm betty nguyen. speaker of the house, nancy pelosi, says congressman anthony weiner's decision to resign was the right judgment. weiner made his announcement yesterday, ending weeks of turmoil over his sexting
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scandal. >> i'm here today to again apologize for the personal mistakes i have made and the embarrassment i have caused. i make this apology to my neighbors and my constituents but i make it particularly to my wife, huma. i hope to be able to continue the work that the citizens of my district elected me to do, to fight for the middle class and those struggling to make it. unfortunately, the distractions that i have created has made that impossible. >> joel brown is in washington with more on these developments. he joins us live. good morning, joel. >> betty, good morning to you. almost three weeks after anthony weiner sent that lewd photo to a seattle college student, the scandal finally reached its peak, with the disgraced congressman calling it quits. a steady crowd posed for pictures outside anthony weiner's office before it gets packed up for good. >> today i'm announcing my
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resignation from congress. >> reporter: with sarcastic cheers from hecklers, the new york congressman resigned thursday, three weeks after his embarrassing sexting scandal first unfolded. democratic leaders welcomed the move but reaction among weiner's constituents is mixed. >> i think he was bamboozled into resigning. it was just wrong. >> what he did was disgusting and inexcusable and i'm happy that he stepped down. >> reporter: while the 46-year-old's congressional career is over, his job serving the public may not be. >> i got into politics to help give voice to the many who simply did not have one. now i'll be looking for other ways to contribute my talents to make sure we live up to that most new york and american of ideals. >> reporter: here on capitol hill, his downfall could end up being a boost for republicans if they can snatch that house seat from democrats. >> i genuinely believe a republican has a chance to win that district. it will be tough. it's a democratic district. >> reporter: under state law, a
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special election must be held to fill that seat. >> thank you and good afternoon. >> before the scandal broke weiner was a potential leading candidate to be the next mayor of new york city. three weeks later he says he'll look for new ways to serve his community. betty? >> joel brown in washington, thank you, joel. most of weiner's congressional colleagues praised his decision to step down but they also noted it probably wasn't the sexting that did him in but the coverup. >> if he came out straightforward in the very beginning, as reprehensible as his actions and behavior admittedly were, i think that he could have survived this. >> weiner is the third new york lawmaker in a little more than a year to resign due to scandal. the fbi has issued a bulletin warning of a terrorist hit list, naming americans targeted for death as revenge for the death of osama bin laden. it first appeared on an al qaeda website last week and is now growing. names on the list include afghan commander, general david
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petraeus, the commandant of the marines, the air force chief of staff and various other military personnel as well as business leaders who work with the military. the hit list is apparently an effort to inspire a so-called lone wolf here in the u.s. to attack. >> this list and the notion of providing this organic list to whomever on the internet to use as a targeting tool comes at a time when al qaeda proper is very much trying to widen the net of inspiration. >> the names started showing up online after an al qaeda video urging jihadists to strike americans. it is reported this morning that military leaders are asking president obama to go slow on his plan drawdown of forces from afghanistan. about a third of the 100,000 u.s. troops now in afghanistan helped make up the surge that helped push back the taliban.
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the "wall street journal" reports the military wants to keep most of the troops on the battlefield until the fall. the white house wants to start withdrawing next month. the ongoing nato operation in libya has set off a war of words between the obama administration and some in congress. critics say the president should have gotten congressional permission before deploying u.s. forces in support of the nato air campaign. lawmakers could vote next week to cut off funding for that operation. chip reid reports. >> reporter: near the end of the vietnam war congress passed a law known as the war powers resolution which essentially says when a president sends troops overseas into battle he's got to bring them home within 90 days unless he gets congressional authorization and sunday is the 90-day deadline for libya but now the white house has come out with a new report that says the war powers resolution doesn't apply to libya because the level of hostility is not high enough to trigger the law. some members of congress say
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that argument is absurd. here's republican speaker john boehner. >> we're spending $10 million a day, part of an effort to drop bombs on gadhafi's compounds. i don't -- it just -- it doesn't pass a straight face task in my view that we're not in the midst of hostilities. >> reporter: and while there's plenty of debate in the u.s. congress over libya, in france and britain in their parliament there's very little opposition, those are the two nations that are leading the charge in libya. chip reid, cbs news, the white house. republican presidential candidate mitt romney is taking some heat for a comment to some out-of-work floridians. romney was meeting in tampa with unemployed workers and told them that he was looking for work, too. >> i'm also unemployed.
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>> are you on leave today? >> yes, actually, and i'm not working. >> florida congresswoman debbie wasserman failed to see the humor. in a statement she called romney's comment "inappropriate and insensitive to the millions of americans looking for work." new details are emerging about the arrest of former imf head dominique strauss-kahn. strauss-kahn was taken into custody last month, charged with sexual assault on a new york hotel maid. according to court documents he was confused and asked detectives "what is this about?" he claimed he had diplomatic immunity and complained the handcuffs were too tight. the financial and political turmoil in greece came to a head this morning with a major government reshuffling. greek deputy prime minister announced the cabinet changes including the appointment of a new finance and defense minister. tough new spending cuts sparked days of riots and strikes.
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wildfires in the southwest are again gaining ground as temperatures soar and winds whip up. the huge wallow fire on the arizona/new mexico line is again threatening to force residents of several towns to evacuate, and evacuations are already under way at another arizona fire dubbed the monument fire. just ahead on the "cbs morning news," could facebook be good for your health? maybe. we'll tell you more. plus a scary moment for a kid on a bike and a cop in a squad book. this is the "cbs morning news." kid on a bik and a cop in a squad book. this is the morning. well-being. we're all striving for it. purina cat chow helps you nurture it in your cat with a full family of excellent nutrition and helpful resources. purina cat chow. share a better life.
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$50 on men's apparel. sears. so i took my heartburn pill and some antacids. we're having mexican tonight, so another pill then? unless we eat later, then pill later? if i get a snack now, pill now? skip the snack, pill later... late dinner, pill now? aghh i've got heartburn in my head. [ male announcer ] stop the madness. take prilosec otc for frequent heartburn. one pill a day. twenty-four hours. zero heartburn. no heartburn in the first place. great. [ male announcer ] use as directed for 14 days. we have just released video this morning of a scary accident in michigan. a boy on a bicycle rides right in front of a speeding police car. now he wasn't hurt but check out the dashcam video. >> oh! >> sorry! ow. >> are you all right, buddy?
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>> yes. >> the video also shows the boy talking to the deputy afterwards. the front bars on the cruiser hit the boy's leg and rear tire of the bike. he does seem to be okay. that's the good news there. congresswoman gabrielle giffords is enjoying being out of the hospital and living at husband mark kelly's home in houston. >> we could have not asked for better care, and you know, she was a little apprehensive. she wanted to leave but she was a little bit apprehensive, a little bit of a sad day but she was happy to get here, really looking forward to getting back to tucson. >> giffords will have 24-hour home care and will make daily trips back to the hospital for rehab. on the "cbs moneywatch" stocks were down on asian markets today. ashley morrison is here with more in new york with the latest on all of that. good morning. >> good morning. the slowing u.s. economy and fears of greece defaulting sent asian markets down. tokyo's nikkei lost more than 0.5%, while hong kong's hang
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sang lost nearly 1.5%. today wall street gets a leading indicators report and latest on the labor market. on thursday, good news about jobs helped stocks finish mixed. the dow climbed 64 points and the tech heavy nasdaq fell 7. capital one is making a major push into internet banking. late thursday, the company announced it's buying ing's online unit for around $9 billion in cash and stock. capital one says the deal will make it the fifth largest bank in the country. toyota expects to return to full production in north america by september. the automaker says it's recovering faster than it anticipated from march's devastating earthquake and tsunami in japan. 8 of toyota's 12 north american built models returned to full production last week. toyota sales fell by 33% in may. chrysler is recalling more than 11,000 cars and trucks. the recall only affects vehicles
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from the 2011 model year, the problem a missing or incorrectly installed rivet in the steering column. in a crash, the column might not collapse as designed, injuring the driver. so far there are no reports of this happening. and fear not facebookers, the site may actually be good for you. a new study found that fans of the social network are more trusting than those who don't use it. they're also more socially and politically engaged, i'll say, and have a better sense of well-being. betty the key is not to be too trusting. >> true. so i guess it's a good thing to friend me, right? >> i already did. >> you did. i did you as well. thank you ashley. joining us live here in new york. straight ahead your friday morning weather and in sports, a boy among men charges to the top of the u.s. open. [ male announcer ] the network --
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here's a look at the weather here's a look at the weather in some cities around the country. new york rain, 76. miami mostly cloudy 90. chicago thunderstorms 81. dallas sunny and windy, 101 and l.a., partly cloudy 70. time now for a check of the national forecast. the latest satellite picture shows thunderstorms moving through the northern plains and portions of the southeast. the northeast is mostly cloudy with rain. the southern plains and southwest are clear. later today, though, oppressive heat and gusty winds will continue in the southwest and southern plains. the northern plains will have heavy rain on and off throughout the day.
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a few thunderstorms are possible in the upper mississippi river valley but the west coast will have sunny skies and mild temperatures. in sports 22-year-old rory mcilroy is atop the leaderboard. going into today's second round of the u.s. open golf tournament. mcilroy's approach at 4 bounced on the green and spun back to within five feet of the hole. it led to one of his six birdies. he shot a 65 and has a three-stroke lead, the biggest first round lead in the open since 1976. mcilroy is hoping to make up for an epic meltdown earlier this year at the masters. in baseball a rematch of last year's american league championship series. in the 12th inning here in new york, the yankees' brent gardner grounded a single to right, and curtis granderson scored easily. new york's 3-2 walkoff win completed a three-game squeeze of texas. gardner got a cream pie in the face to celebrate.
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that's some celebration. dallas celebrated its first nba championship with a victory parade worthy of big "d." a quarter million fans filled the streets. to cheer the mavericks. team owner mark cuban held the trophy high as the fans applauded finals mvp dirk nowitski and the rest of the team. during the parade the series mvp entertained the crowd by singing "we are the champions." all right, so probably not the best rendition. take a listen. ♪ we are the champions, no time for losers, cause we are the champions of the world ♪ >> oh, that is painful but hey, they are the champions, and congratulations to them. when we return another look at this morning's top stories. and just a pair of goofballs running wild at an airport but some are wondering where was security? you do so much...
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and get a free sample at a massive search for michelle le kicks off this morning. the clues guiding her family. a college, football player, still in jail, for wearing baggy pants on a flight. is there really a passenger fashion police? what's expected at 30 thousand feet. they passed a budget, but it wasn't good enough. the debate over whether state lawmakers should get paid. and, anthony weiner gets a job offer. join us for cbs 5 early edition ... beginning at 4:30. ,,,,
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on the "cbs morning news," here's a look at today's weather. storms will move through the northeast, while the southeast will have scattered thunderstorms. rain will drench the northern plains. the northern rockies will have light rain but it will remain hot and dry in the southwest. here's another look at this morning's top stories. anthony weiner is an ex-congressman. weiner announced his resignation yesterday saying the distraction caused by his online sexting scandal made it impossible to continue his work. and congress could vote next week to cut off funding for u.s. military operations in libya. angry lawmakers say the president should have gotten congressional approval before committing u.s. forces to the nato air campaign. the barefoot bandit is expected in seattle, washington, today.
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20-year-old colton harris-moore is expected to plead guilty to criminal charges as a fugitive, charged with stealing cars, boats and planes. colton harris-moore earned his nickname by going barefoot during some of his escapes, captured in a stolen boat in the bahamas last july. security questions raised in texas after a prank at dallas ft. worth international airport. reporter jack fink of ktvt has the story. >> reporter: for most travelers airports aren't a fun place but this video posted monday on the website vimio shows two guys having some fun late at night at dfw international airport. photographer joe ayala and friend larry chen say they were stranded after their connecting flight out of dfw was canceled. so they made a go of it, racing wheelchairs. >> hello. >> reporter: and doing stuff maybe some travelers only dream of.
4:22 am
all under the watchful eye of dfw security cameras, but no sign of police. we showed the video to travelers. >> i can't believe there wasn't some kind of security or -- >> yeah, right. >> or someone walking around at all that you can see. >> reporter: an aviation security expert i spoke with says the video doesn't show any major security concerns because the two guys are ticketed passengers who had already gone through screening by the tsa. >> it's not funny. >> reporter: dfw airport board member betty culbert says while it may have been a prank it sent the wrong message. >> it's not going to happen again. as far as i'm concerned, it should not have happened because it gives the perception that the airport's not guarded. >> reporter: at one point of the video, one of the men enters the kitchen of papa doe's restaurant and pours himself what appears to be beer. airport spokesman david megonia says the men did not have permission to be in there.
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at dfw international airport, jack fink, cbs 11 news. >> that is just wild. this morning on "the early show," singer jennifer hudson performs on the plaza. i'm betty nguyen. this is "cbs morning news." en. this is "cbs morning news." at bayer, we've been relieving pain for over 100 years. and today, we're re-inventing aspirin for pain relief. with new extra-strength bayer advanced aspirin. it has microparticles so it enters the bloodstream faster and rushes relief right to the site of your tough pain. ♪
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somewhere over the rainbow there's another rainbow. check it out, this double beauty appeared after a storm yesterday evening near morristown, ohio. it's becoming too common in america these days, homeowners who find themselves underwater, that means they owe more than their homes are worth, so what do you do? here's jim axelrod. >> reporter: bob and julie sistik's american dream is now in boxes after choosing to do what was once unthinkable, walking away from their mortgage. they paid $700,000 for their house in miami in 2005, a stretch for a firefighter and a secretary. what were you doing getting that big of a mortgage?
4:26 am
>> we could afford it. >> reporter: they could for a few years until bob got hurt on the job and was out of work. by the time they tried to sell, the house was worth less than half what they'd paid for it. you'd have to fork up $300,000 just to get out of the house. >> um-hum. >> reporter: so a year ago they stopped paying their mortgage. it's called strategic default. people with no hope of ever breaking even on their homes no longer try. how does it settle on you to not be paying your mortgage? >> i've totally failed. it's really difficult not to do what i said i was going to do. >> reporter: no state has been hit harder by the housing crisis than florida. of 4.3 million mortgages here, 780,000 are in default and one in four of those are these so-called strategic defaults, people choosing to walk away.
4:27 am
foreclosure attorney shay dupont tells her clients surprisingly their credit can recover in a few years. >> it's not totalled at all. as long as you're paying all of your other credit on time you should only expect about 150-point hit on your credit score. >> reporter: another client, victoria wilkinson hasn't paid her mortgage for nearly two years since her husband walked out. because of the paperwork backlog it could take the bank three years to foreclose. what do you have to say to people who say this is a moral failing? this is immoral what you're doing? >> it's not. i want to do the right thing. but i also need to take care of myself and my son. >> reporter: as for the sistiks, they'll be moving in with family in north carolina, heartbroken to leave their three grandchildren. >> we tried to do it. >> it's a little hard to know what's right, right now. >> reporter: with nearly one in four mortgageholders nationwide now underwater it may be the best hope for some to stay afloat.
4:28 am
jim axelrod, cbs news, miami. coming up later on "the early show," anthony weiner has resigned from congress in disgrace. we'll look at how the democrats will move on from the scandal. then the terrorist hit list, american military and business leaders targeted in revenge for osama bin laden's death. plus a concert on the plaza starring jennifer hudson. that's the "cbs morning news" for this friday. i'm betty nguyen. have a great weekend. -- captions by vitac --
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